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Onyx with Kevlar being printed

Markforged onyx®

Onyx, a thermoplastic made from nylon infused with chopped carbon fiber, can be used independently or combined with continuous fibers for reinforcement. This enhances its strength to a level similar to aluminum. Suitable for various applications, Onyx is ideal for creating tools, fixtures, and even final production components.

Build Volume

320 x 132 x 150 mm

12.2 x 5.2 x 5.9 in

Infills Offered


Layer Heights

100 Micron

200 Micron

1.4X Stronger Than ABS


Leverage our advanced 3D printing technology for a wide range of applications, from industrial tooling to custom automotive components.

Our streamlined process ensures rapid turnaround, delivering your prototypes and end-use parts with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Enjoy the benefits of Markforged’s unique Onyx material, offering superior strength-to-weight ratio, excellent dimensional stability, and resistance to environmental factors.

High Heat Deflection


Onyx is engineered for exceptional high-heat performance, boasting a heat deflection temperature of 145°C, making it a top choice for demanding applications.

Chemical Resistant


Onyx is highly valued for its robust chemical resistance, making it an excellent choice for applications that require exposure to harsh chemicals or corrosive environments.

Strong & Stiff


Onyx is renowned for its exceptional strength and stiffness, making it ideal for high-performance parts that demand superior mechanical properties and durability.

Common Applications

Functional Prototypes

Manufacturing Aids

Jigs and Fixtures


End Effectors

Replacement parts

End Use Parts

Reinforce your Parts

Markforged’s fiber technology revolutionizes 3D printing by infusing high-strength fibers like carbon, fiberglass, and Kevlar® into parts, significantly boosting their durability and performance. This advanced approach is ideal for high-demand industries, offering customized, robust solutions beyond traditional manufacturing capabilities. Embrace the strength and innovation of reinforced 3D printing with Markforged.

Continuous Fiber Options

The ability to choose different types of fibers allows for customization of material properties based on specific application needs, such as flexibility, impact resistance, or thermal stability.

Fiber Reinforcements Print My Parts Offers:

  • Carbon Fiber: Known for its high stiffness, strength-to-weight ratio, and low thermal expansion. Ideal for applications requiring the utmost in strength and rigidity.
  • Fiberglass: Offers a more cost-effective alternative to carbon fiber while still providing excellent strength and stiffness.
  • Kevlar: Renowned for its impact resistance and durability, Kevlar is ideal for parts that need to endure repetitive or sudden loads.
  • HSHT Fiberglass: Designed for high-temperature applications, it maintains its mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures.

How does Continuous Fiber Reinforcing work?


Markforged’s Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFR) technology enhances 3D printed parts by integrating continuous fibers like carbon fiber, fiberglass, or Kevlar into a base thermoplastic material using a dual extrusion system. This process allows for targeted reinforcement in specific areas of a part, significantly increasing strength and stiffness.

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